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Sitting alone in the calm of my room, I look and behold the descending gloom. The leaden clouds collect in the distance. Waiting. Fighting the passive resistance, I sigh. Resigned to the fate of waiting, Dutifully mute, voiceless and blinking. A silent tear prepares the ground ahead, Still memories lie slumbering, misread, Misunderstood, misinterpreted, numb.… Continue reading Sonnet

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Fridge Poetry

Incubate a symphony of whispering eternity, As over the sweet, shadowy forest A thousand luscious moon-dreams chant In sordid black death. Time stands still.   Devoid of light for a thousand years, The screaming black goddess of abhorrent fatality Whispered languid wet honey blood symphonies; Blinded by a thousand copper-blue illuminations.  

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You are the ink that sinks deep into my skin. Lying under the epidermis, your love is Safe and protected; Warm and embraced. Framed by the gentle smoky wisps Sleeping, hibernating, dormant, Memories rest like nesting shadows.   The coloured trails that cover my skin Are delicately nourished, an intricate pattern, Of inter-twining leaves, hiding… Continue reading Ink

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In innocence you lay – the final embrace. Cold, uninvited; it pulled you in. Unthinking, devious and relentless It refused to let you go; Keeping you tight in an emotionless embrace.   I couldn’t articulate the things I’ve seen; I couldn’t reveal the despair inside. Have you enacted my dreams? Did you stumble reaching for… Continue reading Ophelia